Which spectacles case should I choose ?

It is very important to protect your glasses when you are not wearing them.  This will avoid scratching the lenses and bending the frames out of shape if they are carried about (in bags, pockets etc.)


When choosing a case, various factors need to be considered :


- Does the case accommodate the size of the frames ?

- Does it provide ultimate protection ?

- Does it preserve the coating on the spectacle lenses ?

- Is it adapted for use (in the office, car, for leisure etc)

- Is it aesthetique ? Does it match accessories (handbag, briefcase etc) ?

- Is the material pleasing to touch ?


Our wide and varied collection of spectacle cases enables you to choose the right product for you.


Ask your optician for advice.  He will help you to choose the right product  to suit your needs.

Which microfibre cloth should I choose ?


Sometimes described as microfibre cloths, wipes or shammy leather, these products thoroughly clean and maintain the condition and quality of your lenses.


For 20 years, ONIKA has been using the most advanced type of microfibre cloths : Onitech, Technitech, Supertech, Ultratech and Suptech.  This means we can guarantee you the best-quality, ecologically-sound products available.  Our microfibre cloths can be washed hundreds of times over whilst retaining their quality.


What is microfibre?

 It is a material, first created in the 1980’s. Made from a mix of polyester and polyamide (nylon), microfibres are an extremely effective cleaning material and are highly absorbent. Microfibre refers to synthetic fibres finer than one denier. By comparison, microfibre is 1/100th the diameter of a human hair. This quality makes it an ideal material for delicate surfaces such as glasses and lenses.


Microfibres exist in varying degrees of quality. ONIKA only uses the best quality microfibres specifically adapted to the new generation of lenses and coatings.


Microfibre cloths can be used dry or together with the ONIKLAIR cleaning solution.


Ask for your optician’s advice.  He or she will help you choose the right product for you.

Handy tips to extend the life of your glasses.

Always put your glasses in a case when you are not wearing them.

A hard case will give better protection for your glasses.

Never place glasses in your bag, briefcase or pocket without using some form of cover or you might deform or scratch the lenses.

When you place your glasses on any kind of surface, rest them on their frames.

Never leave your glasses behind your car windscreen or near any source of heat.

Once a day and whenever necessary clean your  glasses with your ONIKLAIR liquid and a microfibre cloth.

Choose the cleaning products for your glasses with care. 

Ask for your optician’s advice.  He or she will help you choose the right product for you.

How can I keep my swimming goggles in good condition?

How can I preserve my swimming goggles and keep them in good condition?


CaÏman glasses are made from polycarbonate plastic and have 100% UV protection. The goggles have longlasting anti-fog coating. This enables clear vision even if significant temperature changes in the air or water occur.


Rinse the goggles in cold water after each use.