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Dimensions 30 x 90 (diameter x height) including lid 
Colour of the bottle  Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, Red, Orange
Design 6 different designs
Colour of the lid



high density polyethylene (HDPE)

Environementally Friendly All ONIKLAIR pump sprays are rechargeable. 

The ONIKLAIR spray cleaner is a breakthrough in the optical cleaning product marketplace.  It removes dirt from all types of lenses including polycarbonate, optical glasses and sunglasses without damaging any coating.

Use the ONIKLAIR lens spray cleaner together with a microfibre cloth to remove all traces of dirt and dust  particles from your glasses.   It comes in an original, easy-to-use bottle.  A large range of lid colours are available, giving you numerous possible colour combinations to communicate your company’s brand. 

Instructions Simply spray each side of the lens once and immediately wipe clean with a microfibre cloth.
Guarantee This product comes with a three year guarantee. ONIKA will replace any faulty product for three years from the initial purchase date.

    Accessories for this product

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