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SAINT LAURENT 3 NYLON - eyewear cases

Dimensions 190 x 100 x 6 (length x height x depth)
Coloris Blue, Orange, Red, Grey
Material Imitation leather on the outside
Felt lining inside
Washing instructions For your case
  • Clean the outside with a slightly soapy damp sponge
  • Then wipe immediately with a microfibre cloth
  • Keep the case away from damp and any kind of heat source. This will ensure maximum protection for your glasses. 

For your frames

  • For both sunglasses and glasses, use a cleaning spray for all types of lenses.
  • Spray each side and wipe with a microfibre cloth
Garantie This product comes with a three year guarantee.  ONIKA will replace any faulty product for three years from the initial purchase date.


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